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Some Wifi Pros and Cons
Wifi – A Few Comments
Some hirers are now asking whether WiFi is available, as some want to stream an event or allow messaging to take place during the meeting. Would your hall attract more business as a result?

·       To provide the users with Wifi
·       To enable the remote monitoring of CCTV
·       Will need to have Broadband installed – which may result in a TV licence demand

2)  Methods
The supplied router
·       No extra costs
·       Usually in a non central location, providing a poor signal.
·       No logging of users – which is useful for security
·       Usually – one sign in only

Third Party Hardware
·       Access points can be placed where needed
·       Users are logged, with a history of use
·       Ability for separate sign-in for guests and admin
·       Setup/configuration can be controlled remotely
·       Wiring usually needs to be installed
·       Extra Costs

Other Methods

If you have a good 3G/4G signal - it is possible to provide a WiFi service using a device, somethimes even a phone.
  • Simple and good for a temporary provision
  • Free - if you have enough data on your device
  • Data may have to be purchased from the 3G/4G Supplier 
  • If you have a good signal, users will probably be just as happy without supplied WiFi
If you would like a survey of your hall done, and a free quotation - contact
Steve Hawker
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